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Picture of Springfield Apple Cider or Apple Juice

Your Choice!

Springfield Apple Cider or Apple Juice

64 oz. Bottles


Recipe: Apple Coffee Cake

Picture of Dunkin' Donuts Coffee
Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

5 Varieties, 11-12 oz. Pkg.

$598 ea.

Save $3.51

Recipe: Kahlua Irish Coffee

Picture of Malt-O-Meal Box Cereals
Malt-O-Meal Box Cereals

Assorted Sizes & Varieties

$222 ea.

Save 67¢

Picture of Capri Sun Juice Drinks
Capri Sun Juice Drinks

10 ct., 6 oz. Pouches


Picture of Bounty Paper Towels
Bounty Paper Towels

6 ct. Rolls

$798 ea.

Save $2.51

Picture of Air Wick Air Freshener
Air Wick Air Freshener

Selected Varieties, 8 oz. Can

98¢ ea.

Picture of Dawn Liquid Dish Detergent
Dawn Liquid Dish Detergent

21.6 oz. Bottle

$296 ea.

Picture of Hefty Plates
Hefty Plates

5 Varieties, 24-60 ct. Plates

$222 ea.

Save $1.07

Picture of Cape Cod Potato Chips

Direct From New England!

Cape Cod Potato Chips

Assorted Varieties, 8.5 oz. Bags


Save $3.58

Recipe: Perfect Tuna Casserole

Picture of Doritos or Ruffles
Doritos or Ruffles

Select Sizes & Varieties


Recipe: Nacho Chicken

Picture of Popcorners Chips
Popcorners Chips

2 Varieties, 3 oz. Bags


Less than 1/2 Price.

Picture of Snyder Pretzels Pounders
Snyder Pretzels Pounders

Assorted Varieties, 16 oz. Bags


Recipe: Hot and Spicy Chex Party Mix

Picture of O-Ke-Doke Popcorn
O-Ke-Doke Popcorn

3 Varieties, 8 oz. Bag

$379 ea.

Recipe: Chex Caramel Crunch

Picture of Wise Potato Chips

From the East Coast

Wise Potato Chips

8.5-9 oz. Bags


Recipe: Perfect Tuna Casserole

Picture of Pringles Chips
Pringles Chips

Assorted Varieties, 5.68 oz. Canister

$176 ea.

Save 53¢

Picture of Jays Potato Chips

Direct from Chicago

Jays Potato Chips

New Varieties Available! Large 11 oz. Bag

$429 ea.

Recipe: Pringles Topped Potatoes

Picture of Tradewinds Tea
Tradewinds Tea

Assorted Varieties, Gallon Jugs


Lowest Price in Vegas!

Picture of 7-Up Soft Drinks
7-Up Soft Drinks

Assorted Varieties, 2 Liter Bottle

98¢ ea.

Recipe: Chicken Salad and Apple Croissants

Picture of Xing Tea
Xing Tea

Assorted Varieties, 23.5 oz. Cans


Picture of Dasani Water
Dasani Water

24 Pack, 16.9 oz. Bottles

$444 ea.

Stella D'Oro Cookies

Assorted Varieties, 6.1 oz. Pkgs.


Save $1.98

Balconi Cake Roll

Cocoa or Hazelnut, 8.8 oz. Pkgs.


Save $2.98

Pizzelle Italian Wafer Cookies

Assorted Varieties, 7 oz. Pkg.

$398 ea.

Save $2.01, While Supplies Last

Cinch Glass Cleaner

17 oz. Bottle

$186 ea.

Save 83¢

Made Locally

Saxxy's BBQ Sauce

Regular or Spicy, 12 oz. Bottle

$399 ea.

Recipe: Fruited Pork Chops

Hawaiian Sweet Maui or Luau BBQ Onion Rings

Assorted Varieties, 7.25 oz. Pkgs.



Pop Chips Ridges

Assorted Varieties, 3 oz. Bags


Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water

6 Pack, 8.45 oz. Bottles

$333 ea.

Save $3.66, Less than 1/2 Price.

Tradewinds Jimmy Buffet's Island Tea

Assorted Varieties, .5 Liter Bottle

98¢ ea.

Save 51¢

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